BEWARE of Blue-Green Algae!

More and more lakes are popping up across the country testing positive for blue-green algae.  The increasing hot temperatures have increased the risk of this algae developing.  It can be toxic to dogs & humans and cause them to get quite sick or worse, death.  It’s best to scope out the lake before allowing them to get in.  Look for a greenish or green/blue coating on top of the water along the shoreline.  It might look like a pea soup or a spilled paint, possibly foamy.  Basically if the water doesn’t look clean, I’d keep your dogs out.

Colorado – Lakewood, CO Bear Creek Greenbelt tested positive
Colorado – Boulder, Denver (Sloans Lake), Aurora warnings
Colorado – Boulder warnings
North Carolina – 3 dogs die from algae
Texas – Lady Bird Lake
Texas, Georgia, North Carolina

Google Photos of Blue-Green Algae

**photo from City of Boulder website

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