Mr. Bar-B-Q Portable Outdoor Firepit

I recently purchased the Mr. Bar-B-Q Portable Outdoor Firepit from Camping World.  I am extremely happy with this purchase.  With all the campfire bans, it’s so nice to be able to use it in place of a wood fire.  I actually like using this propane firepit more than having a wood campfire as you don’t smell like campfire afterwards, it starts up in seconds, and you turn it off quickly and not have to worry about wondering if you dumped enough water on it to completely put it out.

The Mr. Bar-B-Q Portable Outdoor Firepit is pretty small in size (18.5″ diameter x 15.5″ height) which makes it easy to take in your RV or in your trunk.  For its small size, I was impressed with the amount of heat that it puts out.  You can adjust the flames to be pretty low or turn it on full blast. 

It uses a regular sized propane bottle so that will take up a bit more room.  We started with a full propane bottle and left after a few days of using it each night with more than half the bottle left.

If you’d like to purchase the Mr. Bar-B-Q Portable Outdoor Firepit from Camping World, you can find it on

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