RV Space Saver Items

RV Space Saver Items

Mesh Pockets Organizer

These shoe holders work great in RV’s or trailers.  I bought them for storing all of our shower items so they aren’t sliding around on the ground or falling off the shelves while we’re driving.  The mesh works well for drainage in case they get wet during a shower.  This way we can keep all our items in the shower all year long.

Another way to use them is by hanging them on any cabinet door or even the bathroom door.

Bed Side Storage

If your RV/trailer is like ours, you don’t have a lot of storage space near your bed.  This product is great for storing your cell phones, eReaders (Kindle, iPads, etc) or books, TV remotes, reading glasses, etc by your bed side.  This storage device helps me stay organized, keep track of my stuff, and I no longer have to get on my hands and knees looking for my glasses that fell off my tiny nightstand.

This storage organizer isn’t the same one as I have purchased.  The one I purchased is no longer available.  This one looks pretty similar with good ratings and will store all your essential items.

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