Time to Winterize your RV or Travel Trailer?

Time to Winterize your RV or Travel Trailer?

With winter on it’s way, it may be time for you to winterize your RV depending on where in the country you live.  If you live in a state that gets close to freezing, you need to get it winterized before the cold temperatures hit your area.  If you are new to RVing like we were and your RV didn’t come with instructions, I’d suggest hiring a company to walk you through the process so that you know you are doing it correctly.  That way you can avoid any costly repairs and also give you the option of winterizing it yourself in the future.  Knowing how to do it on your own can be important if you have to winterize it multiple times a year or can’t find anyone to do it on short notice.  There are many videos online showing how to winterize which might work great for you as long as their system is similar to yours.

There are two ways of winterizing your RV, you can use compressed air or the anti-freeze method.

For our RV, we purchased Camco’s Pump Converter Winterizer Kit and a blowout adapter. We live in a wintery state so we have to frequently winterize our RV in between uses.

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