Belleview Station Dog Park

4825 S Newport St
Denver, CO  80237

Belleview Station Dog Park Info

Off-Leash Dog Park Off Leash Separate Small Dog Area Small Dog Area Separate Small Dog Area Medium Park Park Fee Free Entry Fenced Fenced Unlighted Dog Park Free Parking Unlighted Dog Park Unlighted

Park Hours: Sunrise to Sunset Sunrise to Sunset

Parking: Belleview Station Dog Park has a large parking lot located to the west of the park.

Ground Cover: Dirt/Gravel Mulch

Park Notes: Belleview Station Dog Park is an off-leash dog park in Denver, CO. It has a separate area for smaller, timid dogs to run around.

Dog Park Amenities

Picnic Tables Picnic Tables

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Walking Paths Paths Walking Walking

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  1. Compacted dirt and broken glass Let me first say that overall, its a pretty well maintained park, and all ow ers and dogs have been great. We have been coming here for about a year. This park could really use some maintenamce on the dirt. The ground is so compacted that the last 2 times we have taken our dog, she ended up tearing her paw pads. It would be relatively easy fix, to just till the dirt a d loosen it up. Additionally, although the picnic tabels are a nice provison, it is not wise to have glass tables in the area. Last year one broke and there was glass all over - which can really hurt the dogs that visit. Perhaps changing it out with a couple wood picinic benches and tables would be a better option.