Fido’s Field at Foothills Park

1042 Riddlewood Rd
Highlands Ranch, CO  80129

Fido’s Field at Foothills Park Info

Off-Leash Dog Park Off Leash Dog Park Size Small Park Park Fee Free Entry Fenced Fenced Unlighted Dog Park Free Parking Little Shade Unlighted Dog Park Unlighted

Park Hours: 7:00am - Sunset

Ground Cover: Dirt/Gravel Sand Weeds

Park Notes: Fido's Field at Foothills Park is an off-leash dog park in Highlands Ranch, CO. It's tucked back in a neighborhood park Foothills Park. It's a pretty simple park, but none the less, the dogs will still love to be there. There's plenty of room to run around. It has a water spigot to fill up the water bowl for the dogs and a little shelter that provides some shade. There is a path around the park, if you wank it 6 times it will be a mile.

Poop Bags:This dog park has poop bag stations, but it's always good to bring your own in case they're out.

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Benches Benches Dog Drinking Water Drinking Water Picnic Tables Picnic Tables Poop Bags Poop Bags Trails Trails

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Fido's Field at Foothills Park is located in Foothills Park which is tucked in a Highlands Ranch neighborhood. You can get to it by car or foot. If you drive, there's is a parking lot off of Riddelwood Road. From there you'll walk down the path to get to the dog park. If you walk on foot, the paths come in from all directions. View the map of the park.



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  1. Nice Park This park would be great if you live within walking distance and could walk your dogs here or even a short drive. It’s not huge, but big enough for the dogs to run around and get plenty of exercise. If it has recently rained or snowed, the dogs may come home dirty from all the sand/dirt. If playing fetch, the ball may get covered with that sand. It is kept pretty clean and the people were friendly. There’s a trail that circles around the wide part of the park. If you walk 6 laps you’ll walk a mile. It has a water station for the warmer months. It has a couple shaded areas – the picnic table has a cover over it and there’s a large tree on the other end with a shaded bench.